Our mission is to enrich the quality of life for Seniors in the Bow Valley

This program endeavors to:

Provide intellectual stimulation

Promote healthy lifestyles

Foster social interaction

Lifelong Learning is a non-profit program organized by a volunteer steering committee under the auspices of the Canmore Seniors Association.

It is expected that regular attendees will become members of the Canmore Seniors Association.

Funding for the program is achieved by voluntary donations at the door and with the support of the Canmore Seniors Association.

Life Long Learning

Rev.2017 Jan 26 gh

Presentation Series
Life Long Learning sessions run throughout the year with new presentations and speakers.

Location: Creekside Hall, Canmore Seniors Centre

Day: Specific Monday afternoons

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Small Study Group
Contact: Laureljpaterson@gmail.com

  • Craig Richards12/11/12 - Craig Richards

  • Gerry Stephenson13/01/14 - Gerry Stephenson

  • Doug Campbell13/02/11 - Doug Campbell

  • Peter Petrik13/02/25 - Peter Petrik