Rentals and Facility Operations

Room rental policy  P-02 Rental of Rooms_Rev 7

Rental rates:  P-02 App A Short Term Room Rental Rates Rev 5

Hall Rental Enquiry Form: rentenquire

The floor plan for Creekside Hall: floorplan-c

Guideline G-01 Kitchen Use Safety and Hygiene: KitchenS+H

Procedure PR-02 Kitchen Operation: kitchenop

Emergency Equipment Plan: cscemergloc


Protocol, signup procedure and hiking levels description: protocol

XC groups and ratings: 2018 XC definition

Guidelines for Meanderthal trip leaders/coordinators: leaders

Outdoor Activities Participant List and Trip Record: m_participants

Procedure PR-08 Emergency Locator Beacons: ELB-pr08

Gas sharing costs for 2018: gas_share

Policy P-06 Incident Reporting: P-06 Incident Reporting

General Membership

Membership Application Form/Waiver: MemberForm.

Policy P-03 Non-member Participation & Attendance: Nonmem.

Policy P-06 Incident Reporting: P-06 Incident Reporting

Procedure PR-06: PR-06 Member Suspension_Expulsion

Results from the 2018 On-line Survey of Members

Corporate and Financial

Financial statements, budget information, and AGM minutes are available on the Finance page.