The Meanderthals is an outdoor activities group within the Association.

The group was formed in 1993 after several seniors wishing to hike, but not alone, got together to hike in our amazing mountains. The initial members numbered 15, but over the last several years, the number has grown to over 300 seniors.

Members of the Association can automatically become a member of the Meanderthals.

Participants should be able to hike, have good boots and poles and will have to pack a lunch and the necessities for a day's outing in the mountains.

Save-On needs all their parking so

Trips Meeting Place Now Behind Save-on Along CPR Fence on Gravelled Road =>Map and we will leave extra vehicles in the same area.
Do NOT leave vehicles all day in Save-On's overflow.
They will be towed

Meanderthals Protocol Has Been Updated

Please learn the changes by clicking this link

Planning Ahead

When trips are displayed for at least two weeks on the web,
people have time to compare offerings and coordinate with friends.
Leaders can reserve future dates by listing their intention (eg TBA) and finalising details later.

Completed Trip Records Must Be Turned In

To all Meanderthals leaders and hikers
Please remember to turn in your completed Trip Record. These are important for our records.
There are two baskets in the lobby, one for completed sheets and one for blank sign-up forms (and other items).
Blank Trip Records are in a bright yellow folder.
 Thank you, Maureen

If you cannot find a blank 'Outdoor Trip Record & Participant List' at the Seniors Centre
you can download a printable form from the website here

Comments and Feedback

Suggestions for improvements to Meanderthals programs, protocols and procedures to: The appropriate member of
The Meanderthals Committee
Website problems, typos, factual errors to:-

We receive a small but significant number of requests for help with computer, email, and web problems and are happy to help with one-on-one advice when possible or at least suggest a source of information.

If the same question comes up more than once we either try to re-word instructions or send out a general note.

Trips Updating:

If your browser keeps taking you to a stored non-current page, use the buttons to move to the latest update.
Next time if this hasn't updated the stored copy, you will need to clear (reset) the browser cache or edit your favorites (bookmarks).

The Meanderthals

Rev.2018 Aug 12 gw

Leaders: Use only to list and modify trips
Read Listing and Leaders Help Page For More Info

This Page Contains Mostly Permanent Information
& Links To Useful Information Sources
Special events such as courses, socials, etc can be found with the activity listings at
and the CSA weekly 'Paper Trail'

Read Complete Text (pdf)

  • *Trip emails go directly between Leaders & Participants.
  • *Your device may see auto-replies as spam.
  • *Easy Address is just addressing.
  • *Avoid re-using signup email from another trip.
  • *Participants are expected to provide rides.
  • *Tell Leaders when you sign up if you cannot provide a vehicle.   They need to know they have enough seats before meeting.
  • *Trip duration is total time from Canmore & back.

Leaders' Trip Reports

Trip leaders must promptly EITHER
deposit paper Trip Reports in the folder at the CSA Centre
email a pdf of on-line paperless Trip Report form to
including cancelled trips.

Reports for cancelled trips should still contain a list of signees, and the reason for the cancellation (useful for co-ordinators and other leaders; and we can't fix problems if we don't know about them).
These reports are part of our statistics and an important record for our insurance and waivers.

How To Avoid And Deal With Large Carnivore Attacks
'A lot of what people do is based on a total lack of knowledge about what is dangerous and what isn't.' - Stephen Herrero, U. of Calgary

Reminder: Participant Responsibilities apply to all activities Read Here

Check before you go
This Page has many useful links to reports and web-cams

Procedure to List and Sign-up for Trips

Post Trips for Minimum of Two Weeks |  Details Here  |

Need Ideas for Destinations? (View Trip Archives)

Need Help Listing a Trip? (Examples Here)

New Optional On-line Listing & Trip Report Forms
| Type Trip Info & Names |   | Type Trip Info & Hand Enter Names |

Atmospheric Pressure and Elevation

Someone asked about the relationship between barometer reading and elevation.
The math is horrible, but  
THIS TABLE   lays it out nicely.
The weather forecast refers to sea-level, so the pressure measured at altitude will always be lower. eg
Normal in forecast = 1010 hpa (29.9 inches Hg)
Normal at Canmore = 860 hpa (25.4 inches Hg)

Happy Hours 2018

All welcome. Bring small appetiser to share, plus whatever beverage you prefer.

Fri Jan 12 from 5:30 - 7 pm

Fri Feb 09 from 5:30 - 7 pm

Fri Mar 09 from 5:30 - 7 pm

Fri Apr 06 from 5:30 - 7 pm

Fri May 11 from 5:30 - 7 pm

Thurs May 31 from 5:30 - 7 pm

Fri Jul 06 from 5:30 - 7 pm

Thurs Aug 09 from 5:30 - 7 pm

Thurs Sep 06 from 5:30 - 7 pm

Fri Oct 26 Potluck Dinner

Trip Notices and Signup

Trip Organisation

There can be multiple groups in each level depending on the interest in the planned hike. Each group is led by an experienced hiker. The number of hikers per group is usually restricted to 12 or 15 with a minimum of 4 per hike as recommended by Parks Canada for safety reasons.

The destination areas include Kananaskis, Banff, Kootenay, Yoho, and some along the highway to Jasper.

Need Ideas For A Hike?

Tony Daffern has already done much of the work with a searchable database for Kananaskis.
=> KC Trail Suggestions

The Committee

Chair John Reeves
Secretary Frank McIntyre
Hike Co-ordinators Open - Please volunteer
Statistician &
CSA Liaison
Linda Reeves
Member at Large & Liaison with
Gwen Craig
Website &
XC Coordinator
Geoff Williams

Sign-up Emails: Easy Address

IF your computer settings allow access, the Easy Address option reduces work & risk of typos.
If a pre-addressed email DOES NOT open quickly on your screen you must create and send an email to the leader at the address shown in your usual way.
Easy Address does NOT SEND the email for you -
Only you can click 'send' after typing message

Bear Spray Safety => More

We've been hearing of health problems linked to accidental discharges of Bear Spray, both by Meanderthals and others. It seems that most can be avoided by checking that the safety clip is fully inserted and the unit is attached by a lanyard in a case. Attach safety clip with string if the plastic loop is lost
Use with caution, the spray may be more dangerous than the bear!!

Theft From And Of Vehicles Continues

Parking lots that are screened from the view of passing traffic are especially vulnerable.

Be Aware: Someone may be watching you hiding things in your vehicle. Don't help them choose their target, carry valuables with you or leave at home.

Doesn't hurt to discreetly photograph anything suspicious, especially licence plates, but don't risk being challenged.

Name Tags in Plastic Sleeves

email Helen Read at
Leave a toonie in the brown envelope on the hiking info board (in alcove by office door from main lobby).
Helen will leave your tag there when ready.

T and Sports Shirts
with Meanderthal Logo

Long & short sleeved available
More Here