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Meanderthal Hike Leaders/Co-ordinators Guidelines

Be Familiar With Participant Protocols: Read Participant Responsibilities and Protocols Here

Provide an adequate description of the hike:

Elevation gain, total distance, approximate TOTAL length of day from meet and back - (may show as Drive+Hike+Drive=hrs), and exposure or other hazards.

Set Maximum number for hike:

Suggested number of participants is 12, plus the leader, but left to the discretion of the leader.

In the event that the hike is over-subscribed, consider splitting into two groups by speed/interests/loop direction/etc, then ask one of the group to lead the second section. Or ask another leader to create a different hike and offer it directly by email to the extra applicants. Experience has taught that hikes should not be added to the web list after sign-up has started.
Notify extra applicants of your intentions so they can withdraw and apply to other hikes if they wish.

Set Minimum number for hike:

Recommended 6, for safety reasons.

Appoint a strong hiker to bring up the rear:

Assign a sweep. If the group is large and breaks into two , you must assign another leader and sweep for the second group.

Keep the group together:

Make sure there is periodic communication between the leader and the sweep.

Role of the leader in case of an accident

In the rare instance where a participant has problems or needs more time, appoint at least TWO hikers to accompany the individual to the end of the hike and to stay with the hiker. In the case the leader decides to be one of these individuals, appoint a leader for the rest of the group.

Share the cost of driving