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COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

(May 25, 2020 Updates in Blue)

The Meanderthals will not be posting hikes this season due to COVID-19 but we recommend that you go out in your own trusted small groups.  You are welcome to use the “New Trip” posting on the Meanderthal Trip List web page to look for a few fellow hikers, if you have not already formed your own small group.   Below are recommended guidelines for your small group hikes or bikes.

The guidelines that small hiking groups are recommended to follow are:

-No carpooling. Meet at trailheads.

-Maximum of 10 participants per group.

-Always maintain at least a 2-metre physical distancing from the time you leave the car until you are back in it. 3-4 metres is better while hiking. Allow for the wind.

-No one should go on a trip if they are in self isolation, quarantine, or if they are experiencing potential COVOD-19 symptoms (dry cough, runny nose, sore throat, fever, fatigue or difficulty breathing).

-Come prepared with your own mask (a doubled (folded) Buff will work), water, lunch, snacks, hand sanitizer and toilet paper. Plus, regular hiking materials such as a map or GPS, good boots, bear spray, first aid supplies, extra clothing and rainwear.  Wearing your mask around your neck will let you put it on quickly if you need to pass others on a narrow trail or you can not “distance” for any other reason.

-Respect the health and safety of small communities by planning your trip without stops for gas or food.

Many Parks facilities are closed therefore take out whatever you take in (garbage & waste) to keep both wildlife and maintenance staff safe.

-When and if Parks rules change, we will post the changes on the Meanderthal Trip List website and change the Guidelines accordingly.


-Emergencies while hiking: Emergencies will need to be dealt with at closer distance than 2 metres therefore both the person having the emergency and the care provider should wear masks.

-Although this is a social outing, conversation on the trail is difficult to achieve while hiking due to the 2-metre rule. The 2-metre distancing must be maintained if conversation is necessary.

Jun 2020

Date/Time Description

Tue Jun 30

12:00 amB
Looking for Hiking Buddies. B level
led by Sue Langlais View Details

Jul 2020

Date/Time Description

Wed Jul 01

12:00 amD+
Looking for a hiking Buddy.
Hike led by Linda Walsh View Details

Wed Jul 22

12:00 amB
Looking for hiking buddies – B level
led by Donna Balmain View Details
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