Wine Survivor Contest

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“Beware the Ides of March” Wine Survivor Contest

Win Some Wine and Support the CSA!  The fundraiser will provide  funds to help support the  CSA’s many social, learning and physical activities, events and programs. The “wine survivor” format is a proven, fun oriented fundraising event that encourages participation in a collaborative, social way.  Please contact any  Board Member or our Office Administrator for more details.

Participating is easy:

1.    Create a team of five with a catchy team name. Anyone can enter on a team more than once or belong to more than one team!

2.   For each of the 5 team members, collect 1) a bottle of wine ($20 min value) OR $15 to have the CSA purchase a bottle of wine AND 2) a $20 entry fee for the CSA.  Participation is open to both CSA members and non-members alike.

3.   Drop your team info, wine and money (or cheque) at the Seniors’ Center starting the “Ides of March” (March 15th) through to April 12th

4.   Check this website or your email from April 15th to April 25th as we eliminate players by draws every week day at 2:00 pm at the Seniors’ Center

5.   Winners will be announced at a final draw Happy Hour starting at 5:30 pm on Friday April 26th at the Seniors’ Center. There will be a cash bar.  Attend as a guest of a CSA member if a non-member.  Bring an appetizer and come and cheer on the final winners!

The last players standing win wine for each member of their team!

Wine Bottle

1st place: 50% of wine

2nd place: 30% of wine

3rd place: 15% of wine

4th place: 5% of wine

1st team(s) eliminated: 1 bottle per team member


All wine collected will be awarded as prizes, final prizes will be published between April 12 and April 15 after all the team entries have been received and before the start of the elimination draws.  The number of teams that can win in each category will depend on the total number of teams entered. For example, each spot on the first-place team can expect to win in the order of 20-30 bottles of wine.

Entry form: Team-list-v6.pdf or Team-list-v6.docx

Download/view: Contest rules – v7

Prize information will be available on this website after all the team entries have been received on April 12th and before the first draw on April 15th

Download/view: AGLC License

Draw results will be available starting with the 1st draw on April 15th, at: Draw Results page

The CSA wishes to thank our corporate sponsors for this event. First to the Canmore Wine Merchants who will purchase a varied assortment of wines at wholesale prices from the monies collected from the teams plus provide a selection of wines for purchase at the Final Happy Hour. Secondly, thanks to the Bow Valley Credit Union who will oversee all the draws to assure their integrity and auditability for all who participate.