Lifelong Learning – A Retired Judge’s Perspective on Justice

Date(s) - Mon Feb 10 - Mon Feb 24
2:00 pm


A Retired Judge’s Perspective on Justice

Presented by John Reilly

Date: Monday, February 10

Location: Creekside Hall, Canmore Srs. Centre

Time: 2:00 pm

At 30 years of age, John Reilly was the youngest person ever appointed to the Provincial Court of Alberta.  He sat for 33 years, 18 of them as the resident judge for Canmore, which included the circuit courts of Banff and Cochrane.  In Cochrane he dealt with all the cases that arose on the Stoney Indian Reserve at Morley.  He made it a mission to understand why there was such an over representation of native offenders in that court and to improve the delivery of justice to them.  His efforts brought him into conflict with court administration, the Government of Alberta and the Department of Indian Affairs.

He has written three books to tell of his journey from being a disciple of deterrence to becoming an advocate for change.  Bad Medicine tells of the people and the cases that influenced his thinking on justice and life.  Bad Judgment tells of his years of conflict. Bad Law tells of his changed view of the law.

His talk will be the highlights of his journey.

Coffee is available and discussion encouraged.  Donations are welcomed.

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