Gail Smillie

The Aging Brain:  “Neuroscience Proudly Over the Hill”

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The Sunset Side of the Mountain,

Where Brain Mind Body and Spirit Continue to Development 

Reading won’t magically transform everything, but it can be helpful when you are feeling stuck or confused as you find yourself on the sunset side of the mountain on a unique and exciting, transforming and very different kind of journey.   In fact, a book may be the last place we turn when we are exhausted or overwhelmed.

But you will be surprised at how accessible and helpful, fresh and insightful the new information is – mind bending studies of the possibility to the brain and “what is going on?!?” at this time of astonishing change.  You will find out things about yourself, your partner, children and grandchildren -you’ll laugh, you may cry and you’ll be amazed at how this information can go a long way to helping you become more aware, empathetic, understanding and  joyful.

Here are a few suggestions:

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