Elimination Draw Procedure

CSA Wine Survivor Fundraiser

The draws will follow all the steps as outlined in the AGLC draw procedures contained in their published Raffle Terms and Conditions that can be found at the following: https://aglc.ca/sites/aglc.ca/files/2019-01/Raffle_Terms_and_Conditions_-_%2420000_and_Less_%285416-2%29.pdf

Further, the Wine Survivor draw results will be held under the auspices of the Bow Valley Credit Union (BVCU) to provide further assurance. The following outlines the procedures that are to be followed under the BVCU’s direction:


April 22                    Meeting will be held prior to the start of the draws with the BVCU to verify that a draw ticket has been prepared for each player/team entry. Each draw ticket will have the player name, email, phone #(optional), team name and team.  BVCU will confirm all draw tickets are present and place the tickets in a see-through container. The BVCU will then take custody of the container.


April 22-April 25    Elimination draws will be held at 2:00 pm every day (4 draws) at the Canmore Seniors’ Center.

For each draw, the BVCU will bring the container holding the remaining draw tickets, the master draw sheet and a sheet to record the results of that day’s draw. A member from the public will be asked to randomly draw a certain number of tickets (the number to be drawn will be determined in advance by the CSA).  The tickets will be drawn from the container and the results manually recorded on the day draw sheet and cumulatively on the master draw sheet.

The CSA will take copies of the master and daily draw sheets in order to update their data base records. The BVCU will keep custody of the draw sheet results and the container with the remaining draw entries.


April 26th                  The final series of draws will take place starting at 5:30 pm at a Happy Hour event to be held at the Canmore Seniors’ Center.

The BVCU will bring the container with the remaining tickets, the master draw sheet and sheets to record the results of the evening’s draws.

Following the same procedure as above, draws will occur every 15 minutes (or continuously) under the direction of the BVCU and the draw results manually recorded as they occur. Drawing will continue until all the prizes have been awarded to the winning teams.

Lastly, the BVCU will manually record the final winners of the wine prizes and the CSA will update its computer records to match the manual draw records and prize winners as they occur.

All draws and awarding of prizes to be completed by 7:30 pm. Winning teams may then pick up their prizes or decide to pick them up later.

The BVCU will retain the manual records of the draw results.


If there any questions or concerns with the Elimination Draw Procedure, please contact any member of the CSA Board.