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The Meanderthals is an outdoor activities group within the Association.

The group was formed in 1993 after several seniors wishing to hike, but not alone, got together to hike in our amazing mountains. The initial members numbered 15, but over the last several years, the number has grown to over 300 seniors.

Members of the Canmore Seniors Association are automatically eligible to participate in Meanderthal events.

Participants should be able to hike, have good boots and poles and will have to pack a lunch and the necessities for a day’s outing in the mountains.

Summer 2020 – Meanderthals Activities – July 29 Update

Hikers are reminded that the CSA had suspended outdoor activities awaiting Covid developments, but is now ready, cautiously, to open up group hikes following the AHS directions.

Being outside and properly spaced is the key to considering outdoor group activities reasonably (but not completely) safe. 

It is stressed that, as we all know,  the virus is still very much active (note the increase in cases since the Albereta re-opening) and remains a serious threat to those in our age bracket. 

The Guidelines have been carefully developed to do what we can to ensure a safe outing, but ultimately your health, and the safeguards you take for your own situation, is up to each hiker – not the leader.

We have looked at other similar groups in drafting our own procedures.

Each participant will be required to complete a health questionnaire (a tick and sign sheet on the opposite side of the waiver). 

Each participant must sign a waiver at the start of each outing at this time.

The leader has the final word on outing and health decisions. 

In the event of changes with regard to the Covid risk, the CSA may choose alter these arrangements immediately.


The Committee

Chair John Reeves
Secretary Frank McIntyre
Statistician & ACC Liaison Linda Reeves
Member at Large & AHA Liaison Gwen Craig
Social Convener Glenda Waddingham
Website Coordinator Geoff Williams
Hike Coordinator Advisor Richard Weingardt

Meanderthal Hike Coordinators for 2020 – Cancelled

Level Apr/May June July August Sep/Oct

Looking for volunteer hike coordinators.

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