Pickleball Signup 2

Pickleball at the Canmore Seniors Centre is for CSA members only.  See canmoreseniors.org/pickleball for more information on the sport and on CSA pickleball activities.

If you have successfully had your name added to the CSA pickleball group by pickleball@canmoreseniors.org, then each week you will receive an email invitation from info@signupgenius.com to sign up to play.  If you click on the Sign Up link in that email, you will see something like this:


At the top right, circled in red in the above screenshot, is a link that you can click to Log in to your account at SignUpGenius.  To sign up for a session, you do not need to have a SignUpGenius account, and if you do have an account, you do not need to to Log in in order to sign up for a session.  By logging in though, you will be able to modify or delete your signup yourself; otherwise you will need to email pickleball@canmoreseniors.org to make any changes.

If you don’t have a SignUpGenius account but would like to create one, simply click that Log in link, and then click the New account link, circled in red below, and follow the steps to register.  (It’s easy.)


Whether or not you are logged in, click the Sign Up button on the slot  you choose.  The button text will change to ✓ Selected.  To proceed, click the Save & Continue button at the bottom:


If you are not logged in, you will be given the opportunity to Login now, but logging in is optional.  You can instead enter your name and email address, as shown in the Sign Me Up window screenshot below:


If you are signing up to play just for yourself, you should leave the Quantity set to 1.  You would normally leave the My Comment field blank, unless there is some information that you want to provide such as “might be 10 minutes late”.

If you are signing up for yourself plus a second member, you can enter Quantity 2, and add the name of the second player into the My Comment field, e.g. as shown circled in red in the above screenshot.  Although the app allows you to enter a Quantity greater than 2, the CSA sign up policy limits you to just 2, and both need to be CSA members.

If you are logged in, the Sign Me Up window will look somewhat different, as shown in the screenshot below.  In this case, because you are logged in, the system knows your name and email address, so you don’t need to enter these, although you can enter an alternate name if you are signing up for another CSA member.


The next step in either case is to click Sign Up Now.  This should result in a confirmation windows, as shown below:


Click Back to Sign Up to return to the sign up page, where you should now see your name listed in the slot that you selected, e.g. as shown in the screenshot below:


In the above example, there are added buttons beside my name.  These appear only because I was logged into SignUpGenius when I signed up for this slot.  The first button (pencil icon) is for editing the signup, e.g. to change the name or the number of participants.  The button X is for deleting the entry.  So having these extra buttons is the advantage of having a SignUpGenius account and logging in to that account.

If you are not logged in, but want to delete or modify your signup, the procedure instead is to directly email one of the volunteers at pickleball@canmoreseniors.org, or else click the Change my sign up button near the top, as shown in the screenshot below:


Be sure to read and comply with the information included in the email invitation to sign up you received by email, and in the header at the top of the sign up page e.g. as included in the above screenshot.

Note that using the Sign Up link in the invitation email is, on the Thursday you receive the email, a convenient way to get to the right place in the SignUpGenius website.   It is less convenient, however, when you want to revisit the SignUpGenius website e.g. on the following Sunday in order to book an additional session.  You can go back to your email and find that link, but you can also simply go to the signupgenius.com website and log in.


The SignUpGenius App

There is a SignUpGenius App available for iOS from the App Store and for Android from the Google Play store.  The nice thing about using the app is that you only need to log in once; after that you stay logged in.  The downside is that the Sign Up link from the invitation email takes you instead to the website, even if you have the app installed.

The main page of the app looks like this:


The My Sign Ups section at the top shows the Signups that you have been Invited To.  In the example above, there is only one, but sometimes you will see two consecutive weeks.  (If you are creating your own Signups for some other organization, you will see these if you tap the Created tab.)

In the other section you will see Items I’ve Signed Up For.  In the above example I have signed up for one slot.

By tapping on a Signup, in this case on the one labeled CSA Pickleball May 20 – May 26, the display will change to a compressed version of what you see on the website, e.g.:



Because of the smaller display, some elements are cut off.  In the top description, you will need to tap View Full Description to see the rest of the information text.  In the bottom section you will need to tap Show More to see additional players.

But other than that, the sign up procedure when using the app is the same as when you use the website.