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The Meanderthals is an outdoor activities group within the Association.

The group was formed in 1993 after several seniors wishing to hike, but not alone, got together to hike in our amazing mountains. The initial members numbered 15, but over the last several years, the number has grown to over 300 seniors.

Members of the Canmore Seniors Association are automatically eligible to participate in Meanderthal events.

Participants should be able to hike, have good boots and poles and will have to pack a lunch and the necessities for a day’s outing in the mountains.

2023 Season – Meanderthals Activities

 Information for Participants: Hike, Bike, Snowshoe and XC-ski Trips and Events use the same listing system. Check the current Trip List. There are four levels of difficulty within the Meanderthals which accommodate all levels of hiking and skiing ability. See the trip participant protocol, signup procedure, and hiking levels description, as well as the 2018 XC definition.  There can be multiple groups in each level depending on the interest in the planned hike. Each group is led by an experienced hiker. The number of hikers per group is usually restricted to 12 or 15 with a minimum of 4 per hike as recommended by Parks Canada for safety reasons. The destination areas include the Canmore area, Kananaskis, Banff, Kootenay, Yoho, and some along the highway to Jasper.

Safety is a responsibility that goes beyond the leaders, and one that must be exercised by all members, both for themselves and others. We fully appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Information for Trip Leaders: Guidelines for Meanderthal trip leaders/coordinators can be found here. There is a New Trip page to be filled out at least 2 weeks in advance, if possible.  If changes are required, including changing Trip Status to FULL, email requested change to

Please ensure that participants joining you on CSA trips are indeed current members of the CSA who, as part of their membership undertaking, have agreed to the waiver of liability for their participation in CSA activities. Membership information is available from the office or from John Reeves or Frank McIntyre.

While acting as group leader for the CSA in either skiing or snowshoeing, we appreciate the responsibility you are undertaking and ask you exercise due diligence in leading the groups. We do not support any CSA leader taking individual members or groups of members cross-country skiing or snowshoeing in any area that has steep slopes and higher levels of avalanche risk.

Leaders need to complete the Outdoor Activities Participant List and Trip Record when participants are signing up, and place completed sheets in the envelope provided in the lobby of the Seniors Centre (daycare door), or email a copy of the completed form to Need Ideas For A Hike? See the Links to Trail Related Information on the sidebar of this page. Plan Ahead – When trips are displayed for at least two weeks on the web, people have time to compare offerings and coordinate with friends. Leaders can reserve future dates by listing their intention (eg TBA) and finalizing details later.


The Committee

Chair John Reeves
Secretary Frank McIntyre
Statistician & ACC Liaison Linda Reeves
Member at Large & AHA Liaison Gwen Craig
Social Convener Ingrid Currie
Website Coordinator
Hike Coordinator Advisor

Meanderthal Hike Coordinators for 2024

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