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The Meanderthals is an outdoor activities group within the Association.

The group was formed in 1993 after several seniors wishing to hike, but not alone, got together to hike in our amazing mountains. The initial members numbered 15, but over the last several years, the number has grown to over 300 seniors.

Members of the Canmore Seniors Association are automatically eligible to participate in Meanderthal events.

Participants should be able to hike, have good boots and poles and will have to pack a lunch and the necessities for a day’s outing in the mountains.

Summer 2020 – Meanderthals Meeting with Meanderthals

Although Meanderthal Leaders will not be posting hikes yet, we know that many of you would like to find people to hike with so that you have a small group and are therefore much safer around wildlife or in the event of an accident.

We are opening the Meanderthal Triplist page for those who are looking to create their own small hiking groups.  If you want to find others who have a similar interest, please feel free to post a request using the “New Trip” button.  As shown in the TEST on the Triplist page (you should only fill in the title with “Looking for Hiking Buddies”, the activity (Hike or Bike), the level (A,B,C or D), Level Detail (optional) and you can either share your email by putting it into the “Sign-up” email box or put your phone # or email in the comments section):

We will post the Looking for Buddies requests for a period of one month from the date we receive them, so, if you want to leave the request up for longer than one month, please renew the posting before it “expires”.

Sharing Hiking Experiences

It is important for us to share our hiking experiences, particularly trail conditions – as many trails are still snowbound and some trails are much more busy than others.  To submit a trip report, simply fill in the “New Trip” form for the date that you did the trip, and put some comments in about the conditions you encountered.  Put as many details in the report as you like.  The report will show up on the 2020 Archive page:

Also, check this page for reports if you are looking for places to hike.

The Committee

Chair John Reeves
Secretary Frank McIntyre
Statistician & ACC Liaison Linda Reeves
Member at Large & AHA Liaison Gwen Craig
Social Convener Glenda Waddingham
Website Coordinator Geoff Williams
Hike Coordinator Advisor Richard Weingardt

Meanderthal Hike Coordinators for 2020 – Cancelled

Level Apr/May June July August Sep/Oct

Looking for volunteer hike coordinators.

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