Lifelong Learning

The Lifelong Learning program at Canmore Seniors Association aims to enrich the quality of life for seniors in the Bow Valley by providing intellectual stimulation, promoting healthy lifestyles and fostering social interaction.

We welcome occasional non-member guests, but to enjoy regular attendance, please become a member of the CSA.

Funding for this non-profit program comes from voluntary donations at the door.

Lifelong Learning sessions normally run through the fall, winter and spring at Creekside Hall, Canmore Seniors Centre, on Monday afternoons.  Fall 2020 sessions were cancelled due to the pandemic; Winter 2021 sessions were broadcast via Zoom.  Lifelong Learning presentations will resume Fall 2021 on October 4th.  Hopefully by then we will be able to meet in person in Creekside Hall!  Details are available on the CSA’s weekly newsletter, this website, or noticeboards.


Lifelong Learning Committee Members 2020 – 2021

Chris Duncan-Webb (Chair) 403-707-8811
Anne deSoto 403-678-6395
Frank McIntyre 403-993-6673
Jamie Konecny 403-678-8795
Karl Wahl 403-675-1632
Lee deSoto 403-678-6395
Nancy Townshend 403-678-9982
Pat Grayling 403-678-2475
Ray Egerton 403-609-9454
Sheilagh Ross

Past Presentations (2021)

January 25 – Seven Habits that Improve Healthspan – Shayla Roberts, Bow Valley Primary Care Network

February 8 – The Plain of Waiting: Viewing The Present Through an Ancient Lens, Presented by: Richard LeSueur

February 22 – New Killer Diseases: Focus on Covid-19, Presented by: Peter Nichol

March 8 – The Climate Crisis: Global Trends and Local Initiatives, Presented by: Joey O’Brein

March 22 – Stem Cells for Bone & Joint Health & Medical Clinical Trials, Presented by: Nicoletta Ninkovic and Terri May

April 19 – Seen But Not Seen: Influential Canadians and the First Nations from the 1840s to Today, Presented by: Don Smith

Upcoming Lifelong Learning Presentations