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Printable CSA Waiver of Liability and Checklist COVID-19    

Electronic CSA Waiver of Liability and Checklist COVID 19


COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

(June 18, 2021)

The Meanderthals now allow posting hikes, but due to COVID-19 we want to ensure that everyone follows the special rules shown below:

The guidelines that hiking groups are required to follow are:

Car pooling is allowed for those fully vaccinated (two weeks past their final COVID shots).  Drivers may require all people in their vehicle to be masked, so please come prepared

-Group sizes: We recommend a minimum of 4 (for safety in bear country) and a maximum of 15 (which is the limit parks have placed on many trails in Kananaskis and Banff)

-Always maintain a 2-metre physical distancing from the time you leave the car until you are back in it.

-Do not visit other towns/villages or communities during an outing

-No one should go on a trip if they are in self isolation, quarantine, or if they are experiencing potential COVOD-19 symptoms (dry cough, runny nose, sore throat, fever, fatigue or difficulty breathing).

See Canmore Nordic Centre special protocols:

We also recommend the following:

-Come prepared with your own mask, water, lunch, snacks, hand sanitizer and toilet paper. Plus, regular hiking materials such as a map or GPS, good boots, bear spray, first aid supplies, extra clothing and rainwear. Put your mask on if you come closer than two meters to anyone.

All participants will be required to sign the above waiver and also answer the screening questions at the trailhead.

Jun 2021

Date/Time Description

Mon Jun 21

9:00 amB+
at guide pace
Razor’s Edge FULL
12 km Hike with 440 m elevation gain led by Susan Dorion View Details
8:00 amB
at guide pace
Eiffel Lake Almost Cancelled
10 km Hike with 525 m elevation gain led by Chuck Buckley View Details

Wed Jun 23

9:00 amB
at guide pace
Windy Viewpoint
10.6 km Hike with 400 m elevation gain led by Frank McIntyre View Details
9:30 amC
at guide pace
Trails off Hwy 68 (Sibbald Meadows Pond and Sibbald Lake Area)
8-12 km Hike with 1-200 m elevation gain led by Geoff Williams View Details
10:00 amC
at guide pace
Ribbon Creek Trail, Kananaskis
13.5 km Hike with 300 m elevation gain led by Jennifer Ranger View Details
10:30 amD
at guide pace
Heart Creek
4 km Hike with 75 m elevation gain led by Frances Robinson View Details

Wed Jun 30

9:00 amB
at C pace
Spencer Creek maybe to waterfall
8. km Hike with 500 m elevation gain led by Helen Read View Details
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