Trip Reports

  • Backups (11/10/2023) by Dave Weiler - How necessary is it to back up your devices?  That is a personal question – ask yourself whether you would be upset if all the data on your device was lost.  If all you do on your device is email and browsing, you may not need to worry about backups.  In most cases your email … Continue reading Backups
  • When Should You Click on a Link? (10/13/2023) by Dave Weiler - When should you click on a link in web documents? To be ultrasafe, you should never click on a link in a web document. But practically speaking, sometimes you need to, or at least would like to. Keep reading to help you decide if the link is legitimate. Cyber attacks often involve creating fake links in … Continue reading When Should You Click on a Link?
  • Looking to Buy a New Computer? (9/8/2023) by Dave Weiler - A) What type of computer to buy? Think about what you use your computer for, and also what devices (phone, tablet) you have. Many people like laptops, but desktops are excellent value if you already have a monitor, keyboard and mouse and don’t need to move the computer. Lastly, do consider a tablet (like an … Continue reading Looking to Buy a New Computer?
  • Passwords! (8/4/2023) by Dave Weiler - Among the most common issues we are asked to help with, passwords are a necessary evil in using the internet. Although there are several trials of alternatives to passwords, for the next several years we are stuck with them. What issues do we see? 1. Sometimes, people have forgotten their passwords and are locked out … Continue reading Passwords!
  • How We Solve Your Issues (usually) (7/14/2023) by Dave Weiler - We are going to reveal a big secret, but first – some definitions. 1. Browser: this is the window you open to search on the internet. On apple devices, it is often Safari. On PC’s, it is often Chrome or Edge and sometimes Firefox. These are just programs that allow us to “connect” to the … Continue reading How We Solve Your Issues (usually)
  • Don’t give out private information on incoming calls! (6/9/2023) by Dave Weiler - Most calls asking for private information are scams.  CRA, for one, will never call you.  So generally, it is a good idea to simply hang up.  There may be instances where you are not sure.  One such instance is a call from your bank that your credit card has been compromised.  In that specific case, … Continue reading Don’t give out private information on incoming calls!